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You are looking for headshots!

You are looking for headshots - it is important to choose the right headshot

The type of headshots you choose is dependant on what you are going to use the photo for.

Here are some examples

01 - An actors headshot

Often shot in a vertical orientation

02 - A corporate headshot

This can be with a white background which gives it a very clean look. The expression can be fun or more serious depending on the message you are trying to imply.

03 - A fun headshot

This might be a photo for social media to show your fun side. Basically anything goes here, but remember this photo says lot about who you are.

04 - An editorial headshot

This is very subjective. Almost anything goes here.

05 - Creative headshot

Are you looking for something a little out of the ordinary. We can bring in props, different outfits, different settings.

06 - Children’s headshots

This can be really fun. most kids like to ham it up once they are comfortable. If that is important to you then just let them do their thing. You will be really surprised a the result.

Remember a photo is just a moment in time. One single photo can’t say everything about you but it can convoy a particular message.

But the photo is you. It is your message. Make it count. Your image is important.

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