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What Kind Of Photographer Am I?

Sometimes I have trouble defining what type of photographer I am. If tell people I photograph just about everything they look at me like I have no focus whatsoever. That I haven’t made up my mind yet and that I should get my act together.

But in reality that is what I do.

As a photographer, often one thing will lead to the next. That happened with Yuko and Momoko.

I first me Yuko at a pottery show at the Tett Center in May 2017 where she was a vendor. I was photographing a few of the other pottery makers there. Yuko and I talked for a few minutes and she showed me some of her amazing pottery.

A few months later that I got a call from her daughter Momoko. Although the official wedding was not in Kingston Momoku wanted some wedding photos done in Kingston at RMC. Her fiancé Rick was a student there. I shot some wedding photos with Rick and Momoko and then each of us went our separate ways.

This June I got an email from Momoko. Rick had graduated this spring but the big news was that they had a 3 month old baby named Riku and they wanted some photos of him.

It was great to see them both again. And it was a lot of fun seeing their new baby boy Riku.

Then as I was wrapping up and putting everything away Momoko asked me to contact her mom. Yuko was heading to Japan in September . She was bringing her best pottery to a huge pottery show there and the sponsors were asking for some photos of her work to use in the promotional material. So I went to Yuko's studio and I got all set up for some pottery photos.

As I was finishing up Yuko went back to work. I couldn't resist one more shot.

So in four separate photo sessions, I had been an event photographer, a wedding photographer, a baby photographer, a family photographer, a pottery photographer and a portrait photographer.

You never know where a photoshoot will lead. And now if people ask me what type of photographer I am I tell them that I photograph whatever it is that is important in their lives.

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