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Valentine’s Day: The Perfect Photo Shoot Opportunity

A couple of weeks ago Jasmine and I talked about doing a couples photo session for her and Evan in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

It turns out that the day we had scheduled for the photoshoot ended up being the day after a severe winter blizzard hit throughout all of eastern Ontario, but Jasmine was still keen to go. She was not going to let a little cold weather disturb her plans.

We had planned to go for a walk through the wood’s at my home near Seeley’s Bay.

The storm ended early that morning and the sun came out. It was beautiful outside with lots of fresh snow. However it was still minus 20 degrees, so it was a cold day to go for a walk.

This was the first time Jasmine and Evan had had a photoshoot although they had been together for three years.

When I think about it what could be better than doing photos with your loved one on a minus 20 degree day. Not only were Jasmine and Evan celebrating Valentine’s Day and the fact that they had found each other but they were taking full advantage of good old Canadian winter.

We only lasted outside for about half an hour but as you can see from the photos here they enjoyed themselves as well as keeping each other warm.

A Valentine’s Day shoot should be special. Their are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day but one unique one is to get your photographs outside.

If you are looking for a Kingston photographer to make some lasting memories for you and your loved ones, reach out to me today!

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