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Gallery Walls - A Great Way to Display Your Photos

Photos are meant to be seen. A gallery wall is one way for you to display your photos.

Where to Start?

You finally managed to get your family together for a family photo session. The photos turned out well. Now what to do with them? This can seem like a tough decision. It doesn’t have to be.

How Big is Big?

Firstly lets think about how big a photo do you need. Well that really depends on the space you have available.

An 8x10 photo might look huge when you pick it up. But it looks pretty tiny on a living room wall.

Here are some examples from my own living room. The first photo is an 8x12 inch photo. To keep things simple my examples are all of unframed canvases. The 8x12 inch canvas almost disappears. If you flip through the photos you will see bigger and bigger canvas prints of the same photo. It isn’t until we get to the 24x36 inch canvas that it starts to fill the space.

But this is just the beginning. A single enlargement is nice but what might be better is several images on the same wall. This is called a gallery wall and it can give a room a personalized sense of style and flair. It is an amazing way to infuse colour and pattern into a space and make the room feel fully inhabited. This is one of the best opportunities to show who you are and what is important.

Organizing a gallery wall does not have to be a difficult task.

Firstly choose where you want to display your photos. Find areas where people can enjoy them, such as the dining room, living room or along staircases.

The goal is to create a balanced arrangement and to create visual interest.

Test Your Idea

If you supply me with a photo of the wall where you want to hang the photos I can help you to test out a number of arrangements. I can show exactly what your images will look like in your home. I can change the size of the photos, the selection of photos, and how they are arranged.

All this without getting anything printed or taking out a hammer and nails.

Some people like their photos arranged in an orderly fashion while others prefer things a little more mixed up.

Arrange the Photos in a Way That is Attractive

Once again here are some examples from my living room. What is your preference?


Remember photos are meant to be seen. That means out in the open where people can see them and not hidden away on cell phones, computer hardrives, and photo albums.

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