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Fall Family Photo Sessions

Fall is a great time to be outside. Neither the heat of the summer nor the cold of winter, fall is a perfect in-between. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I did a number of family photo sessions. These sessions are always relaxed and it is a great excuse to get the family together!

I like to keep these sessions casual. I think people photograph better when they are relaxed. And the best way to get relaxed is to have a little fun. Nothing like throwing a handful of leaves into the air to get into the mood.

Before we start out, clients often tell me they don’t want the photos “posed”. However, what they really mean is they don’t want the photos to look “posed” or “unnatural”. They want to look like themselves.

I don’t pose people in the conventional way. Rather, I organize them in a manner that sets the stage for a good family photograph. I might rearrange them and make sure that the tall people aren’t all on the same side, or that the light is hitting a flattering angle of their face. This is because it is better if I can see everyone's face, that some people aren’t hidden behind someone else, and that no one has a really painful facial expression. That is usually all it takes. I just let the natural expressions show up.

To me, a family photograph should look like I just happened upon them while they were going for a walk.

The fact that I try hard not to chop off an arm or catch bad expressions is part of the process, but for the most part, the families are not even really aware I am rearranging them, or reorganizing arms and legs.

One of the most common questions that people ask me is: “what should everybody wear?”. I always tell my clients the same thing, the most important thing is to be comfortable. After that, wear what you like! It is best to leave the baggy sweatpants or your t-shirt with the cartoon characters on the front at home, but other than that, almost anything goes. Lastly, It is probably going to be breezy, so don’t get too worked up about keeping everyone’s hair nice and tidy - natural is best!

Families grow up so quickly. A family photo session is a great excuse to gather everyone up and get them together, even if it is only for an hour or two. Have some fun. Have a few laughs. And create some memories that you will have forever.

To book your fall family photo session, reach out to me today

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