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Winter Photography Session

Winter is always a great time for photography, so I was thrilled when Michelle and I scheduled a photoshoot last February.

She is a fitness competitor, so her days are usually busy, but on this Saturday in early February, she decided to take a break and we went for a walk in the woods.

That day, the temperature was about five degrees below zero. The snow was hard and crusty and easy for walking.

When we shoot outside the look of the photo can change depending on a number of factors.

For example the sun was shining when we started and Michelle was nicely backlit as she walked along. She cast a long shadow, as did all the trees. As the afternoon wore on, the sky became overcast, the light was very even and there were almost no shadows.

We were shooting by Little Cranberry Lake on the Rideau system. This part of the lake is quite shallow with abundant bulrushes. They make a nice background for the photos.

Because Michelle is a fitness competitor, we couldn’t resist getting in a least a few shots of her with some weights. She isn’t dressed the way she would for a regular workout, but it was fun to get the shot in any case.

Although winter may not be everyone's favourite time of year, one of the easiest ways to make it pass by quickly is to get outside and enjoy it.

Book your winter photo sessions now!

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