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Can We Photograph A Wedding In One Hour?

When the bride and groom contacted me the first thing they asked me was whether I could photograph a wedding in Kingston in one hour. Once I found out what they were looking for I thought it should not be a problem.

Just because you are on tight budget does not mean you need to sacrifice quality when hiring a photographer for your wedding.

I am a Kingston based photographer. I photograph a lot of weddings.

There are three parts to photographing a wedding:

1. The Bride and Groom

The most important photos are those of the bride and groom alone. This is where the photographer is the most involved with the couple. He has to be able to pick locations and direct the couple. Sometimes these are called the formal photos. 

2. The Ceremony

The second part is photographing the wedding ceremony itself.

3. Guests and Reception

And the third part is photographing the guests and the reception and party afterwards.

We only had one hour so I knew I would have to concentrate on getting great photographs of the bride and groom themselves and then of the ceremony itself. There would not be time for the celebration afterwards.

The reason to hire a wedding photographer is simple. Your wedding day is a really big day. It is important to capture the joy of the day, and that includes the emotions and feelings and the excitement. Long after everyone has gone home those photographs will allow you to relive those special moments.

This is the same whether you hire a team of photographers for twelve hours or a single photographer for part of the afternoon. If you want good photos it is critical to hire someone with experience. A successful wedding photographer is the one who can make you smile, cry, laugh out loud and just get lost in the moment. With only a short amount of time it is doubly important to hire a seasoned photographer who is able to take the pictures quickly without wasting time and who can also make you feel at ease and comfortable while posing.

This wedding was at Lake Ontario Park in Kingston. I had been there many times photographing children, families and couples. Being familiar with the setting always helps. I would only have about twenty minutes before we gathered for the ceremony so when I met with the bride and groom we headed off to the big trees and long grass right away. We had time to get quite a few photographs before we had to meet up with the rest of the group for the actual wedding ceremony.

The ceremony is often the easiest part of the day. I put on my 70-200mm lens and get out of everyones' way and take pictures. We were down by the water in the late afternoon. The sun was still high in the sky but it was late enough in the afternoon that it was behind everyone and I could keep the shadows under control.

I finished up with some group shots and then called it a day.

Check out the images here!

Wedding photography should be something tailored to the bride and groom's budget, as well as their timeline! I am interested in talking to you about your upcoming wedding? Reach out to me today!

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1 comentário

Amanda Relyea-Voss
Amanda Relyea-Voss
17 de abr. de 2019

I really love this! Ad I think that it's important that people know there is the ability to capture a special day even on a smaller budget. I think you did SUCH a good job with these! Wish I'd known you a few years back and I could have recommended you to a few couple that I know who had their guests use their cell phones to take photos. *gasp* Great article, thanks for sharing!!

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