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Branding Photography - Frameworks - Custom Picture Framing and Gallery

Using original photography on your website, in your social media, and other promotional material is an important way to promote your business.and to continue to establish your brand.and we have talked about branding photography in the past.

Branding is how you establish an image or impression about yourself or your organization. You want to create a brand that gives the potential client some idea of what it will be like to have dealings with you. Your brand evolves over time and needs to be constantly kept up to date.

Personal brand photography or company brand photography is the art of using high-quality images to tell the story of your brand and to establish an online presence. It is important to have photos that show who you are. Remember we shop with our eyes. First impressions are very important.

Recently I had the opportunity to spend a couple of mornings photographing the staff at Frameworks on Princess Avenue in downtown Kingston. Frameworks provides custom framing and printing services.

The following comments are from Colin Morris, V.P. at Frameworks. His comments summarize the experience and how he hopes to use the photos better than I can.

“Stock images are well... stock images. You can always tell. The lifeblood of our operation is the custom work we do, and the people who do it so well. When we needed more pictures, getting them done professionally made all the difference in presenting something real, something believable about us and our brand that no stock image can.

We love the photos and working with Bryce. We have headshots, action shots of what is going on, we found great places in the store to shoot from, and ultimately we are all proud of the images. They can be used in so many ways - from our own website and social media, to print ads and signage, emails and probably more I haven't even thought of yet. It was easy to work with Bryce, having someone in to do a photoshoot can seem weird, especially during a work day with customers and everything, but it was honestly not a problem.

All our staff were at ease with Bryce, even the ones who don't like having their pictures taken, and customers never had an issue either. In fact, it gave this feeling that "something important is happening here" to everyone who came in and made for a great conversation topic about our story, which was a chance to connect with people.

If you are serious about your business, get images that you believe in to represent it. Your business relies on marketing yourself - no matter what business you are in - and pictures are the status quo. You need great pictures to give potential customers who don't know you yet familiarity and connection with your brand. A brand name won't do that. A slogan won't do that. A stock image won't do that. Your workspace, your people, and even you, will do that.”

Check out some of the branding images I took below!

I am a Kingston based photographer. I photograph businesses and business people. I provide branding photography as well as headshots. I also photograph weddings and engagements as well as individuals, families and events. I cover all of southern and eastern Ontario.

Visit my website to learn more about how you can use my style ofbranding photography to promote your business!

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