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Adapting to Last Minute Surprises: A Wedding Day Story

Being a wedding photographer is a lot more than just showing up with a camera and taking a lot of pictures. My job is to make sure everything on wedding day with respect to photos runs smoothly. There are no excuses. Here is a good story to show what I mean.

Wedding photography can take lots of turns and twists. Take Sonja and Michael for example.

I first met them last fall and we got outside on a cool November day for some engagement photos.

We got back in touch this past June when we started planning for the wedding day photos. Sonja and Michael wanted everything just right.

They wanted to get together for the formal wedding photos with their children before the wedding ceremony. They had chosen Summerhill House on Queen’s Campus. Summerhil has a beautiful covered porch. I checked with Summerhill and I was told “no problem” we did not need a permit because we were staying outside on the porch. Everything looked perfect. We even visited Summerhill for some "practice run" photos.

One week before the wedding day extensive renovations began at Summerhill. We were not told about this... The steel construction fencing did not make for attractive photos.

The next location picked for the photos was Fairfield House in Odessa. Again a quick visit was in order. This house was first constructed in 1793 and initially looked very promising however the weather forecast called for big thunderstorms on the wedding day afternoon and a long walk from the car made Fairfield House difficult as well.

With two days to go Sonja managed to book Kingston City Hall. If you are ever wondering this is a great spot for wedding photos. We had the large upstairs meeting room called “Memorial Hall” all to ourselves. Memorial Hall is fabulous for photos. The room makes a perfect backdrop almost no matter which direction you face. The room has twelve large stained glass windows were dedicated to those who served overseas during The Great war of 1914-1919. The room has a very unique quality of light. The photos turned out really well.

We spent a little over an hour at City Hall before Heading to St Thomas Anglican Church for the actual wedding ceremony and finally off to Royal Canadian Legion 631 in Collins Bay for the reception.

Your Wedding Day is supposed to be fun. The photos should not be a subject of worry. The last thing I want as a photographer is to be surprised on wedding day. But by working closely with Sonja and Michael we were able to make sure everything turned out really well.

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